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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 11, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. the vatican hit with a lawsuit claiming it covered up several cases of sexual abuse by chicago priest. good afternoon and steve sanders . >> on dina bair and welcome our viewers on wgn america and on the web. julian crews is live in the loop with more details from a lawsuit . >> good afternoon. lawyers bringing the lawsuit today and they believe it is the vatican does repeatedly blocked efforts by the archdiocese of chicago to comply with a 2008 settlement reached between the family of a young sex abuse victim in the
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archdiocese them up with documents forthcoming there is going to be all the files of all the offenders will be disclosed and at this point in time none of that has happened. it is with our great sadness and regret that the not come to pass and said this and sorrow that we take this action today. the amount attorney anderson says the archdiocese did not hold up its part of the bargain necessitating the lawsuit and that the federal court against the holy see in rome. four years since the archdiocese reached the settlement and the farther mccormick case of used allegedly abused by boys and he was passed on the west side no longer a priest accused by some of molesting as many as 23 boys prosecutors are presently reviewing several of those
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cases are to be looking more time behind bars and his are completed two and half years of a five-year sentence. francis cardinal georgia's been widely criticized for the handling of the case critics say he is slow to remove mccormick even after a national conference of american bishops promised to move swiftly to protect children. . >> we have seven official of this archdiocese who conspired or permitted this to occur all phone from parnell george to a lieutenant all of whom have been eroded. . >> despite the sharp criticism in this complaint is a spokesperson says since the archdiocese is not formally named in this lawsuit do not comment on any pending litigation. a father and
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stepmother back in court today answering to murder charges for the death of the 13 year-old son. riley and kimberly both accused of killing their son christian. his body was buried under concrete in a mobile home park in gary indiana. has been there for two years and the sister told police that her brother was being kept in a cage and she says that they wrapped the boy aplastic when he was not breathing after a meal . >> in a robbery in a convenience store in bridgeport police went to a standoff leaving one man dead. randy is live in the news room with the latest on how them up when suspect is dead and the other got away but police say it was not for two very observant officers in bridgeport this could've been far worse. . >> the standoff started about 130 this morning when two officers continue 30 first union
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saw two men with goodies featuring entering a jiji peppers store this to the man looked suspicious and their instincts are right to tell the man once suspect jumped over the counter and opened fire when the officers fired back until the madrid still believed to be inside of chicago police swat team entered include the building but the suspected gone away. . >> if these officers were not there and you had a robbery like this perhaps even more credit than occurred here. the robberies are fairly common here. one place across the street have been robbed recently and a gas station further down has been robbed several times. . >> the second suspect remains at large the store clerk was unarmed and the two officers have been treated and released. that the . >> thank you. police rescued a man from the chicago river this morning they say the man was
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spotted jumping into the river on west roosevelt about 7:00 this morning. he was rescued alive and treated by paramedics. investigating this is a possible suicide attempt by about michael's arts and crafts chain said the debit card problems at the store has been more widespread than previously thought. that the items of a tamper with in the stores in the chicago area and now they claim they this is happened in 20 states. michaels expects to finish replacing of the pads in 15 days. seven people at a restaurant in st. charles testing positive for salmonella poisoning the entire restaurant sanitized monday night as a precaution and all employees to handle food . >> salmonella symptoms usually last for about a week ago way on their own them up michael slater
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needs to return to his precinct even if it is not at st. sublette church. several officers for him including leo catholic high school but the pastor was suspended because he said that he would look for a position outside of the catholic church. yesterday pfleger as if he is not reinstated by this weekend he will accept offices offers and other churches deciding whether to temporarily blocking the law cutting billions of dollars in funding and the planned parenthood chapter. gov. dan mills signed the bill yesterday and the groups is cutting off its funding were in danger women's health and my illinois lawmakers at the illinois house cutting human services by $368 million below current levels. human services appropriations committee says many of the cuts
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are for mental health programs and substance abuse and they hope that the pet plan to win approval today and the full house later this week . >> still to come in the midday news folks along the mississippi river are hurrying to safety is raging flood waters move their way back up one passenger was arrested aboard a flight to boston. the art of war to make your speak up publicly for the first time about a split from maria sh
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what's your policy? a shooting leaves three people dead and the campus of san jose state university to the victims found in the fifth floor of a parking garage the third died later at a hospital police did not believe the shooting was a drive-by or gang-related university says the campus alert was issued and fully secured the
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perimeter and the rest of the student body was not in danger. . >> flooding over in tennessee by floodwaters on the mississippi river are now moving further south. the army corps of engineer opened 44 floodways and louisiana sending more water into the lake but by opening the spillway to protecting major cities like new orleans and dan rutz. people living along the banks of the people have continued to evacuate them all we can do is to our best to get rid of some of the water. then i think it will hurt a lot of other people akin no-win situation . >> expected to crest in mississippi and louisiana next week to its highest level since the 1927 flood. the governor of louisiana bobby jindal says many acres will be affected them up
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specific members of congress will receive the photos of osama bin laden. only key members of congressional military intelligence committees will be shown those photos at cia headquarters in virginia but no date or time has been set up to that yet . >> a passenger tried to open an emergency exit door on an airplane for the second time in a week. witnesses say the flight and the orlando was halfway to boston when the man started pulling the emergency exit handle. an off-duty police officers on the flight subdue the man and help them . >> i wondered what was going on and i had no idea. . >> i saw somebody escorted to the back but i did not have any idea what the specifics were . >> arrested and charged with interfering with flight crew under investigation but officials say is unclear why the
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man tried to open the door. . >> comforted a reasonable price which will flyers want a consumer reports survey. . >> customer satisfaction and one of the only airlines that does not charge for baggage. jet blew comes in second and both have top honors for seek comfort at the bottom of the boat listed as u.s. airways which the lowest ranking one also on the bottom in 2007. . >> the u.s. navy will not be holding the weddings for now. the navy recently ruled chaplin's would be traded permitted to conduct same-sex ceremonies in states with their marriages legal and several congressmen complained it pointed out the army and air force cannot permit gay weddings so the navy suspended its original ruling as is the matter needs for the review. this story's coming up next to be successful negotiator . >> include coping breast cancer patients receive better
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i'm angie lau live with a quick look at this business headlines. a conviction for a billionaire chief of the italian group had fund pocketing 64 million from insider tips found guilty today on all 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy. wall street and legal experts say today's conviction fundamentally
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changes the way hedge funds do business. it vigorously contested the government's charges insisting his investments were based on public information and he will appeal. . >> wall street a report on the trade deficit today whiting more than forecast in march the highest oil prices in over two years gas rose 6% which is the biggest gap since june. a big first quarter for macy's the second biggest department store chain in the country boosted its 2011 profit forecast and doubled its dividend for investors thanks to surging online sales. on land sales jumped 30% of the first quarter and speaking of online a year since over sizing privacy controls and consumer reports say roughly one in five facebook users still have not use those controls. consumer
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reports says what is more disturbing is two-thirds of those who did not say they did not know the controls existed. so anyone could have access to them. on wall street stocks are down today. commodity producers fell amid concern that accelerating global inflation will lead to higher interest rates which is in the markets right now. live in chicago back to you . >> think you not negotiating for a deal often seen as an insult. in america park and it often considered rude or cheap. that explain why you should not feel embarrassed about it and how to work in your favor. tested tried and true methods to negotiating the right way and the wrong way. boils down to a science . >> a book called getting more is going get a deal everything is
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negotiable with this something sandarac mia 300 page book and we will bundle list on a three minutes then of research shows that negotiators get half as many deals as those or cooperative. . >> so the tough guys are not really getting what they want but don't play hardball. don't walk out you can still leave room unless they're shooting at you of course. . >> walking out is a tough-guy tactics right ?, listening and being honest descanted don't live. we think is not shown all of our cars is being dishonest and if people on the table and not what he say that being up front and being dishonest is one thing but being upfront in telling everything that you want been wide open is that . >> that could work but do your
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research in know what might come up. don't ask for everything all once. preferred customer discounts are available for groups like aarp or a teacher and you never know. a lot of times the let new customers get these deals and the tried and true ones who've been there forever are not getting good deals to say hey why do not treating the new customers better? then i called my cable company yesterday in get about one-third knocked off the cable bill. it was odd to some of these organizations to help get a discount. mit do not know until you ask. they say women are better negotiators because they're better listeners. don't get emotional he says to get more emotional to go. . >> men simply don't listen . >> you have to be a good
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listener and all that information on the table when you try to get what you want. making it seem like you're actually working with them. . >> studied these techniques in those certain things were concerned pfingsten not. . >> his wifeto contract runtime and she asked if she did this downey said sure because nobody ever pays on time. . >> you learn so much from trib u and confined out about some of those successful in negotiating phrases it live report on the blagojevich corruption trial and also arnold schwarzenegger speak of for the first time publicly about his separation with maria shriver.
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rahm emmanuel will be sworn in but there are several festivities happening before that day next week. it be of service this saturday were emmanuel will encourage others to volunteer around the city. and also chicago will have a free concert and a private dinner and reception held at night for rahm emmanuel and his friends and family and supporters. private donors are paying for all of it and of mayor daley prepares to leave office but we as many of the people working with him over the years to share some stories and political analyst paul lisnek as a personal story about a time the mayor got snubbed, he was speaking to a group that i was president of years ago and we walked around afterwards and i introduce people to mayor daley and i remember there was one guy and mayor daley put his hand
12:24 pm
out and that would not shake his hand. now you might think that mayor daley would say the heck of him but the mayor was visibly hurt. he looked at me just looking very hurt and he said you know paul. when i grow the more i come from even if you do not like somebody or believe in the politics you shake their hand. the amount joining a saturday night 930 make no little plans of daily help to shape chicago. prosecutors continuing for the case against rod blagojevich . >> fraud bribery and conspiracy charges the second federal corruption trial in julie unruh live at the federal building with the latest on the testimony . >> with his no. 7 was on the stand for most of the morning and he was a supporter of blagojevich from the beginning and a fund-raiser through and through and it allows the state of illinois to tap into the indian community in the state of
12:25 pm
illinois. the man touched on the senate seat appointment and the allegation that blagojevich would appoint jesse jackson jr. to the seat and it could be something in it for him. this man was raising hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time and the third witness how his friend would raise campaign funds in order for jesse jackson jr. to get the point it. according to today's testimony told it to the campaign chair and his brother. then told the jury in court today " i communicated that jesse jackson jr. was appointed to the senate and to donate a lot of money for the campaign " rod blagojevich charts with his brother in the first trial and convicted of nothing when the jury was hung on all counts related to him. also we heard how robert blagojevich said his brother rod would never a point jesse jackson jr. to a seat. wheeler
12:26 pm
to other points in the trial that when blagojevich learned there could potentially be millions or more in it for him blagojevich began to consider jesse jackson jr. and a whole new way. a new witness on the stand within hours expected to be and most of the day in the last trial a key person when it comes to all of the fbi recordings . >> thank you. a hot day out there and tom skilling will have your full forecast coming up. you know rheumatoid arthritis means pain. but you may not know it can also mean destruction. not just of your joints, but of the things you love to do. and the longer you live with the aching, swelling, and stiffness, the closer you may be
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so cold for so long and now
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setting record highs. . >> it is amazing this whole spring has been very of the ball. the earliest 90 and over 30 years which what happened yesterday. only 11 years when there was an earlier 90 degree temperature and again today the second consecutive day we could be flirting with another record. this is not the 115 year-old record we broke yesterday but rather in 89 degree record high set back in 1982 and that is in jeopardy too. we don't think we will quite get ed o'hare but will not be far. lots of haze in the year evidence of the atmosphere grew moist and 1.4 in. of water that you waited in a column of air any thunderstorms deciding to pop contest that. in northern and lowered michigan. 85 of this hour in chicago incredibly warm and willing to go forth this reason these. and a lot cooler
12:30 pm
at the moment that my 5 year yesterday 67 now cooling up to the west a sign of things to come but not right away. another dave '80s tomorrow and some more cooler hitting on friday afternoon and really it's over the weekend. a little bit of a light breeze blowing it does not go far in led but if you drive across the city to change is quite dramatic and a couple of miles of space on the shoreline with mid-70s going now wallow here is running into these tasty. clout to the west of us in a way of the other's arms there. windsor easter's se opposite sit there is no wind it all. close to 70 witches gulf coast level do. tree pollen in the air once again today. here's a look of whether but temperatures in geneva is a 91 at this hour joliet is a 91 in
12:31 pm
kankakee is 90. we as easily cooling at waukegan with 85 at this hour in no hair. in the view is the same full of days as a result of the high humidity is in the air. in the city here the temperature forecasts for our model this afternoon well into the 80s if not close to 90. down around 70 and then in the mid-80s again tomorrow. 20 degrees above normal. here is where things begin to change we bump up against seven the year into the '70s for a time on friday in the
12:32 pm
wings for northeast by friday afternoon temperatures falling back into the fifties and a strong northeast wind going all weekend. if four different weather pattern shaping up. the storms of north deducing 60 mi. per hour winds and 3 in. of rain in parts of michigan. where are you there intersects edit lift and turns of the thunderstorms. here is the view of the storms on a three-dimensional satellite imagery stacked up to the west of us in parts of iowa. we've had some thunderstorm watch is coming out how to the west. thunderstorm warnings and a yellow area and their red flag advisories' some of the prism of fire is out west and a thunderstorm watch that goes against the driver. this is our
12:33 pm
severe weather is being held up as a possibility by the storm prediction center today and tonight. and a storm so avondale probably hold off or be isolated in the makeup tonight. severe weather may be a possibility still in parts of the u.s.. warm humid air going up tomorrow stepping through time weirded 8:00 tomorrow morning and a half tomorrow afternoon and develop yet friday is this cold front as the storm spence of south of us we will get a strong northeasterly wind flow tapping in the near and bring it down for the weekend. a big pool pool at the jets' right here where it will be sitting by the time we get to saturday. worth down here ground level or
12:34 pm
moisture will the cloud formation in the next few weeks. that is about twice normal. the place by clare a position to buy one model. oranges and yellows show warm air up to friday in and here's his pocket of cooler air in the northeast winds start capping this clare pushing this down by the time to get to friday and sunday and monday next week. wharf will continue to build and then we need to be warming up later next week once again. here is a look at the winfield's the next few days the lower right there. going over the weekend in the southern midwest. that ought to set up a hole in northeast wind not only will be much cooler and probably in the '50s but the winds will be blowing in gusting at 30
12:35 pm
m.p.h. as well. we have a rather large change on the way and the next few days hazy and how to cut some 20 degrees above normal. a high of 87 today. off the water off of the beaches so only mid-70s expected this afternoon. . the cloudy warm humid and hazy with thunderstorms low of 64 and tomorrow if third consecutive day above 80. putting together since october 0 we will do it this time. south west wins overcoming the lake: ms. b a thunderstorm in the winds will turn northeastern. temperatures falling back to the '50s . >> it is today because all these cardinals are outside. .
12:36 pm
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the bulls are one victory away from moving on in the playoffs. breaking a two and two series tie with the atlanta hawks. a 15 point lead early in the hawks got their way back then chicago pulled away in the second half lead by rose 33 points on the night and the bulls went 9583. tom liked what he saw down the stretch . >> uncomfortable at times but we
12:39 pm
stayed tough and it stayed together and we get some good stops in there. i think the energy of that group was really good today. . >> game 6 tomorrow night in atlanta and if the bulls when they did dance to the eastern conference finals for the first time since 1998 . the first inning down a run when ramirez makes it two to one and a tide in the fourth and then it is up and is going to be trouble. turns into an rbi triple. the cubs tied it when i had and then daniel single in two runs the sox and angels in southern california and in the first singles in two runs makes it three to nothing. in the next
12:40 pm
thing paul gets his ninth to make it 3 to one. keep up the socks louis 3-2 and in the stands each man entering the ball park in anaheim given a wrestler mask trying to set a guinness world record for the largest amount of people wearing masks about 40,000 showed up the old record is only to order 50 people. last year to set the world record for the largest gathering of people live illinois lottery drawing is next . >> live from wgn tv chicago the official drawing of the illinois lottery . >> here are your big day winning
12:41 pm
numbers for wednesday may 11, 2011. here are the pick three numbers. the powerful will be $65 million tonight. the lotto will be $17 million. and now for the pick four numbers. today's
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insiders are saying they're not surprised that the split of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. friends of the couple told the l.a. times the split was a long time coming. they believe schwarzenegger's temper and his ties with the solecism prevented her from leaving the merits sooner. whorled posted his opinion for the first time . >> i talked to her an hour ago before we came here. we both said the same thing we're extremely blessed to be surrounded by some many wonderful people. wonderful friends. we both love each other
12:45 pm
very much we're very fortunate to have for extraordinary children. taking this one day at a time. . >> their 21 year-old son tweeted yesterday that this is a small speed bump in life and we own hummers and will crews ride over. on the medical watch genetic testing to determine if chemotherapy will work for breast cancer patients. in new study in the medical association journal says genetic markers can predict a negative or positive response to chemotherapy. response for 300 patients with stage two worst states treat breast cancer will then determine their survival rate after chemotherapy could help by fear and make more effective. warning people about oysters that could be contaminated with cholera. they advised to stay away from shellfish coming at of florida.
12:46 pm
eight people got sick from eating a lot or steamed oysters from that area. contaminated shellfish between march 4th and april 6th in the southern states and no one was hospitalized or died. a set of conjoined twin girls born in china may stay together. doctors say they will not perform immediate separation surgery. born make that doctors say their symptoms of lung infections and other illnesses that can be confirmed until the girls are strong enough to get an x-ray their main concern right now staying in the intensive care unit with 24-hour care. them of making doughnuts with a filling ingredients that was once banned in the city of chicago.
12:47 pm
you know rheumatoid arthritis means pain. but you may not know it can also
12:48 pm
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day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. in today's lunch break my kids would love to be here and they're part of the quest for life program we're going to educate a little bit and we're going to make any some dots tell me a little bit about this program them off all about teaching children responsible eating. eating from a source knowing where food comes from and not worrying about all the marketing and it is more about being responsible and starting with all products and eating a
12:50 pm
wide variety them are you encouraging them to do some plants? . >> growing is probably the biggest part or the biggest aspect of our program. . >> you are in the school's . >> absolutely. we teach students how to cook and how to grow and teach the faculty have a coke and teach the parents of the children properly . >> clearly making it fun for them because one of the things to get to make is doughnuts. let's begin them up three different components our doughnuts we have the doe itself the starter or rather the sponge. adding that to the rest of the ingredients we of eggs flower sugar salt and we combine this and this comes together you will see the finished product over there. brad has to go over
12:51 pm
there he will fish out a couple of doughnuts if you want to show those on the spread. . >> step for steven is done making the dough will roll this to a half-inch. very easy to do even if the doe does not turn up property damage the have to let rise for a long time? . >> it needs to prove and let the natural east and organisms and said the doe will very healthy for by the way that the dough rise creek gas and that takes about 20 minutes. even if the dough is not present perfect it will start to allow delicious. we ponce the mouth like this very simple in a concurrent with a knife into macon square
12:52 pm
triangle written into pieces it does not matter. a smaller cut in the middle. from there we deep-fried. . >> ec's pawpaw bet and go to the oil ban of what temperature is that oil? in more responsible choice has a little bit of oil as well. taking up to you want to use the promise which is of little bit more refined as the olive oil. once it is golden brown on both sides this one is not quite ready you'll see the finished product right here once their golden brown and we have three different buildings pastry cream
12:53 pm
is here and a flood our lives filling the toupees to creams are little more traditional. some were chicago cream donuts and was banned a few years back but is a bit more decadent and gives it a more sweet and savory component to the doughnut . >> have you gotten kids to eat those? . >> we have got kids to eat liver and lamb tongue then what did she tell them before the fact? you're educating them truly . >> you'd be surprised with a five year-old will eat it to take him to the process of making it. . >> 3 glazes and really easy to make it to do not have the time if you get cremate glaze and raspberry time with the
12:54 pm
blueberries and strawberry. will put more of the raspberry on the stone out here. berry season it is great to utilize the berries from the market's with sugar and a little bit of lemon juice. also helping . >> you gave those recipes also to put them all on our web site this is so wonderful. he could find out more about the program and the recipe on now we will have dessert before lunch. thank you for being here.
12:55 pm
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>> not sure how i knew that or if i need to know that one. so temperatures will be plunging downward over the next few days? madagascar is one of the rainiest places in the world to see no. we felt some of their pain this spring. certainly seen that in the central u.s. and concede the storm coming together and to the west of us so many showers and thunderstorms capturing this in mid-air. the forecast at 6:00 tonight and 8 tomorrow and see the storms blossom tomorrow afternoon and on friday a variable cloudy day. it begins to cool off a bit like steve was referring to. you see the low pressure lifting up at us. this will happen over the weekend and we will hopefully warm up again later next week at least that is
12:58 pm
what it looks like. elevated committees and scattered thunderstorms possibly this friday. we have 1.4 in. of water in the atmosphere right now just waiting to start these thunderstorms. cool in brisk northeast winds and friday afternoon through the weekend and beyond. here is where the humid air is. two points or 55 and around 70. more common down along the gulf coast than it is here in chicago. we are in the summer year now and the cooling takes place. we also see the clusters of thunderstorms and a forecast and it focused on certain areas where thunderstorms happened. watch what happens is to stop it right there saturday at 10:00 a.m..
12:59 pm
the colors here represent wins so the low pressure in southern indiana with strong northeast winds on the bedside continuing to saturday and then we're up to sunday and here it is sunday evening. northeast winds will be formidable and are still in the 30's offshore. there we are up to tuesday with the northeast winds. we'll keep that on the way and we should do the tornado uprate but frittered five tornadoes just it is fair graphic we did not know was in the lineup 86 tomorrow and 78 in the '50s friday in the fifties over the weekend with rain and wind. not taking so much for watching today ben of remember we're back at 5 and 9.


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